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So, I decided to write up a journal about the creatures that appear in my show idea/webcomic, WereForce, since it's pretty diverse.

Werebeasts: I'll start off with the species that the whole show is about, werebeasts. There isn't only werewolves here, there's lots of others, like werefoxes, werecats, weredragons, ect. Y'see, they CAN be born with it, but most have to be turned into these forms by an outside force. It was actually Jinx, a demon, that turned the city's heroes into their werebeast forms, with hopes of making them evil. However, it doesn't automatically make them evil, and the evil ones are actually either evil by choice or by corruption. They CAN get corrupted by a disease called "Tertius" which is sort of like rabies and an infected werebeast will go crazy and try to bite and scratch literally anything that moves. Other than that though, if they're good in human form they're good in werebeast form.

Shadowlings: Basically little imp... things that are made of darkness and serve demons as their minions, mostly Jinx.

Demons: The rulers of darkness, these guys look like humans but they have large batlike/draconic wings to fly, and also have a snake tongue and all their teeth are pointed, their canine teeth much longer than that of a normal person's, and each can shift into a giant snake. Jinx is one of these and her nickname is the "Princess of Darkness."

Vampire Werebeasts: Well, this was predictable, huh? Yes, these guys are like vampires you've heard of, with their constant thirst for blood and their weaknesses being garlic and sunlight. However, werebeasts might become one too, and one of the villains the WereForce has to deal with is a vampire wereraccoon named Ricky.

Xavari: A catlike alien race with six clawed fingers on each hand, very high intelligence, fireproof fur, a poisonous barb on the end of their tails that can be retracted, and a plan to invade Earth. They live on the planet Venus, by the way. Their genders are much different than ours, there being "Bigavs" and Jingavs." Ignirixi is a Jingav and is referred to with the pronouns "Xi" (like "she") and "Xar" (like "her") but she's fine with being referred to as "she" and "her" since it rolls off the tongue easier for "Earthlings."

Animalistic Shapeshifters: They can shapeshift into any animal they wish (except for humans) and are a master of disguise. Their main form is an animal and is typically that of a large anthropomorphic wolf with antlers. This is what "The Beast" is.

Ghosts/Possessed Skeletons: Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. One of the villains is a sabertooth tiger who had unfinished business and thus his ghost possessed his skeleton and sort of turned evil because he felt that nobody would listen to him if he tried to talk it out. At least that's what he was taught...

(I'll update this when I have more ideas)
TheRandomCat88 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Hobbyist
Neat! Very descriptive
WolfyTheRuff Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :D
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