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(Short fanfic story about my PJ Masks character, Tigress/Tess. I hope I did okay.)

Tess sat on her bed, sulking. The tiny little tiger-imp thing next to her wasn't helping at all. She remembered yesterday's mission, dealing with the Anti-PJ Masks, her team's evil counterparts, again, and she remembered the fear and pain she had inflicted on her own, Tiger.

The tiger-imp, as she called it, was what activated the werebeast form she had. She was a weretiger, since her superhero alter ego had a tiger theme, and it was named "Tigress." Looking up at her, it spoke. "Tess... I know what you're thinking, but with the power of being a werebeast, well... it was inevitable, especially in a situation like yours. He was taunting you, knowing full well who and what kind of person he was messing with."

That didn't help her one bit. "Tigress, I went full werebeast. I attacked him. I saw the fear in his eyes, but I didn't care. Now that I look back at the situation, I can tell I went too far. One claw swipe would've been enough. But no, I kept attacking until I finally realized it and stopped."

"You're 10 years old, of course you'd lose control, don't be so hard on yourself." Tigress replied.

"I nearly killed him." Tess replied, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"And that concerns you why? You actually did kill him once. Although with a single kiss and not a full-on werebeast attack, but still." Tigress asked her, and stood up. It was now evident that she was about a fifth of Tess's height, therefore being about 10 inches tall.

"What do you mean, 'Why does it concern me?!' I'm a PJ Mask, I shouldn't always have to solve my problems with violence, like Alpha does!" she snapped, angrily. "And besides, he doesn't deserve it. Oh and, don't you dare try to blame yourself, because I know I had control, and it was my fault."

"I wasn't going to blame myself. Yes, you did have some control, but not a lot of it. And yes, I do agree that you went too far. But like I said, don't be too hard on yourself. He's going to be fine, those Anti's know how to treat their own wounds." Tigress then jumped onto Tess's shoulder.

Tess put her hands on her face. "I'm a monster, Tigress..."

"First of all, if you were a monster, you wouldn't care one bit. And second of all, you actually didn't almost kill him. Tiger's been through much worse and no, I'm not referring to the explosion from when you guys met a second time." Tigress replied.

"Just... just leave me alone, okay? I would like to be left alone." Tess said.

The tiger-imp sighed and jumped off of her shoulder, landing on her bed. "There's no convincing the child. I'm sure she'll be fine when she realizes that her oh-so-special counterpart is completely fine now the next time they meet, though." she said under her breath before disappearing into the tiger head shaped charm on Tess's bracelet.

"...why did I have to be a werebeast?"
Moss-KillerNerds Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016
Yaknow when I read this I was on a skype call with a friend, and honestly, we are both in tears right now. That was fucking amazing. I am crying right now. The emotional connection between your characters was brilliant. You, truly have talent, as evident by this fucking masterpiece. 
WolfyTheRuff Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really? Huh, I never really thought writing would be my strong suit. I've always wanted to write a fanfic and am currently in the process of writing a PPG one, without any (apparent) pairings in it though. I truly am touched that you really like my work.
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November 30, 2016
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