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So for most of the PPG episodes I watched, I was completely fine with it, I loved the action, the comedy, the occasional innuendos (yes I did manage to catch some as a kid, like the sponge bath one) But there was one episode that really fucked with me as a kid. And that one was: Cootie Gras.

Like the beginning was all fine and dandy, it was even pretty funny tbh But then came the nightmare scene, even the flat colors chosen for it were uncanny, but then came the part with the kid accused of having cooties pops up on the Puffs as miniature versions and as they fall off, BC stomps on them but then cue Harry Pitts (the kid) as a giant, then they get flooded with the miniature versions and end up in a globe and almost get kissed, then they wake up, thank goodness it was only a dream for them.

And when I saw the episode I already knew cooties were a bunch of horseshit. That's how much it scared me. If I didn't know it was horseshit then it probably would've scarred the remainder of my childhood and if I remember correctly I was scared of boys for the rest of the week. Cootie Gras; more like Shit-Your-Pants Gras.

But now I can watch the episode and appreciate it, without being scarred by the nightmare scene
Ayyy another WereForce comic! And this yet ANOTHER villain is introduced, Raptor the cockatrice (rooster dragon).

Yeah, as the seasons go on, there'll be more main villains being added, becoming rivals with each other.
Respect Mah Authoritah!
What happens when I get bored and want to reference South Park? This.
Some more WereForce villains
Two more one-shot WereForce villains I drew up; the first one's a butterfly... person... thing... and the other's a Minotaur.

This is what happens when I decide to make fun of stereotypes and show why they're stupid.

More info later.
(Gift) Cake
Gift for the wonderful TheRandomCat88 

Yes, it's pastel gore, but it's not too graphic, and since it doesn't look like actual gore, I don't think it needs a mature filter.
I'm hosting a fursona contest.There will be 1 winner cos, yKNOW. It's a fursona. BSICALLY it'll go like this.
My favorite colors (in order) are:
Blue (Mostly teal)
You guys have to use those colors to make a fursona for meh. You don't have to use all of them, actually I heavily suggest you don't. I want the fursona to be simple.
You can use the Species Tigreries(Which is Tega's species, Tigers with wings.)
, or the species Conikhu. (Which is what cans is, a Skeleton head on a cat body. It must look like sans's head style ;w; )
I reccomend you guys make a Conikhu cos ATM I really love drawing them.
The winner will get 3 drawings of full body shots from me of a different character for each. PLUS, 3 head shots AND an icon(Can be animated but just to warn ya they take a while.)
You are probably like, HEKO? WHY SO MANY PRIZES?? My answer? It's because I know I have the ability to get those all done in tw

Someone I watch is currently hosting this fursona contest, and it's pretty cool, you should join c:


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Hi, I'm wolfhead73601, you can call me Wolf though. I like drawing art and comics. I draw FNAF, Animal Jam, Powerpuff Girls, and other things. I do adopts and commissions too, so if you do want one, don't be shy to ask. And I guess, well, I hope you like my artwork here, and constructive criticism is appreciated! ^^

I not only know how to speak English (as it is my first language) I also know some Russian and a tiny bit of Greek. (I know how the words sound and their meanings but to actually type them here I'd need to type it in Google Translate, and I only know a little bit so I'm sorry if it's not 100% accurate)


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Someone sent me a note about living in the endtimes and i don't know why

I consider this spam
WolfyTheRuff Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The dA version of those Jehovah's Witnesses, huh? Yeah, I recommend just deleting the note.
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the-little-seagull Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist… Leah is out of her mind
WolfyTheRuff Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh dear god... she is.
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She looks like she belongs in an mental asylum 
WolfyTheRuff Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Even now I'm still questioning whether or not she's just a troll.
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I saw it ;-; Why Leah, why...
the-little-seagull Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah why *pukes*
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