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The Anti-You (RRB)
Remember that one speedpaint of the RRB I did a long while ago, back when I had 20 subscribers? Well I decided to redo it, and I'm quite happy with the result!

Really sorry I was too lazy to make a better background though ;-;

School's Out!
School actually already let out for me last week but I couldn't make a speedpaint at the time since I didn't have access to the computer I use for making speedpaints at the time. Ah well, here's a speedpaint

The cat here is TheRandomCat88 
The person here is MaskedRavager 
And the wolf here is me.

Chibi Ignirixi
Just wanted to draw Ignirixi again c:

She also got a minor design change, with the inner ear color.
Just some vent art... I needed to vent a bit...

I'd rather not talk about it unless you're a close friend of mine, though.

I used Bane here since I thought she'd be able to represent how I was feeling as I drew this.
I imagine that this would be a sort of nightmare scene in Kitsuneology, in the two-parter where Sakura and co. finally stand up to Malachite, though this is what would be shown in the beginning; this would be Sakura's nightmare, and there's two others shown. Hopefully I'll have Bane's nightmare and Abyss' nightmare posted soon.

I'm actually quite pleased with how this turned out!

Don't mind me being an edgelord again lol
While WereForce is meant to be family/kid-friendly, I still snuck in some rather violent and dirty moments in it. They are as follows:

Season 1:

Episode 1:
-In "Beast In Sheep's Clothing" Grypha accidentally crashes into Lycan's bathroom, while he's taking a shower. Granted we don't really see anything, but then Lycan asking her if she'll leave if he steps out, and she even says yes at first, before correcting herself, and she's even blushing. Turns out Lycan was joking and wanted to see how she'd react, but still...
-Lycan also gets away with calling The Beast a jackass via a sign, ala Looney Toons.
-After The Beast is defeated, Grypha gives Lycan a kiss to thank him for realizing his mistake and fixing it. His tail stands upwards and frizzes out. Remind you of anything?

Episode 2:
-When Danny/Lycan's room is shown, in the backround one can see a bottle of lotion and toilet paper.
-Near the end of the episode, Grypha moons the werecat pirates. Yeesh.
-Tigris calls Captain Claw-Z a "pussycat" at one point. Yes, Claw-Z is a werecat, but still, the way he said it made it sound like he was calling him a pussy.
Episode 3:
-At one point, it's implied that Tigris flipped off both Jinx and Brittney, although his hand is obscured by a jagged rock protruding through the wall.
-Not to mention, there are several references to the horror movie Cooties and to Cujo. Both of those movies (and book, in the case of Cujo) are definitely not kid-friendly, so it's surprising that they'd be referenced in WereForce.
-Hyanae even makes a "that's what she said" joke at the beginning of the episode, which somehow lands her and her friends in detention.
-Brittney's death is quite violent too; her eyes get clawed out by Tigris, and then she meets her end by falling into a vat of boiling molten silver. During said scene, she's leaking what seems to be fuscia-colored blood, the same that drips out of her mouth.
-In fact, the whole episode counts, since the disease that Brittney has (and later infects Lycan, Grypha and Hyanae) is a lot like rabies. It's even spread by biting and scratching.

Episode 4:
-As the team is exploring a haunted house to find Jennifer (it makes sense in context, I promise) there are several white splatters on the walls.
Hyanae: "This is the one time I earnestly hope this house is actually haunted and that this is ectoplasm."

Episode 5:
-Foxy gets de-pantsed by Lycan, and apparently he was freeballing. (It was meant as a distraction to defeat the WereForce gang's evil counterparts, and it definitely makes sense in context.) Grypha's reaction?
Grypha: "So that's what this is all about!"
-Even before that, Grypha makes a South Park reference:
Grypha: (referring to Dragonite) "Huh, I always wondered what Cartman would look like as a dragon."

Episode 6:
-Tigris spends most of the episode dissing the one-shot villain Flower Power, mostly by calling her a walking stereotype. Though the first thing he says after noticing the flower-bombs she carries?
Tigris: "Hey nice bombs, you compensating for something?"
-Later on in the episode, Lycan and Grypha end up falling in a rather... suggestive position while fighting the titular villain, followed by them blushing.

Episode 7:
-The title of the episode is "Family Jewels." It's dirty enough alone, but the context of the episode is 
that a minotaur smashed through the mayor's office window and took the priceless gems ("jewels") that his father gave him, so now the WF has to go get them back.
-At one point, we get this gem:
Tigris: "Y'know, have you ever thought about Freud being wrong? Sometimes a sword is just a sword, y'know."
Sigmund Freud is the person who had a theory that there are sexual symbols everywhere.

Episode 8:
-While trapped in the digital world, the WereForce start looking for a way out. The first thing they do is start pushing random things, causing several popups to appear, one of them being of the "Agreed Upon Rules of the Internet." Grypha starts reading it out loud, before getting cut off by Lycan.
Grypha: "Huh... the Agreed Upon Rules of the Internet? Let's see... rule sixty-three, rule twenty-five, rule thirty-
*Lycan rushes to where she is and quickly closes the popup*
Lycan: "Nope!"

Season 2:

Episode 1:
-When the gang first meet Ignirixi, an alien cat with a quest to conquer all of Earth for her species. After she tells them that she comes from Venus, we get this:
Grypha: "You come from Venus? You do know what that rhymes with, right?"
Lycan: "Oh come on, Grypha!"
Grypha: "At least she didn't say she lived on Uranus."
Ignirixi: (obviously annoyed) "Perhaps this planet will be easy to take over, since it seems that it's run by 14 year olds!"


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The Bersick Queen :D
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi, I'm wolfhead73601, you can call me Wolf though. I like drawing art and comics. I draw FNAF, Animal Jam, Powerpuff Girls, and other things. I do adopts and commissions too, so if you do want one, don't be shy to ask. And I guess, well, I hope you like my artwork here, and constructive criticism is appreciated! ^^

I not only know how to speak English (as it is my first language) I also know some Russian and a tiny bit of Greek. (I know how the words sound and their meanings but to actually type them here I'd need to type it in Google Translate, and I only know a little bit so I'm sorry if it's not 100% accurate)


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